There’s something to be said about breaking from the routine.  Something good.  I have my go-to Thai spot for delivery (don’t we all?), but while I was walking home last Sunday night I stopped in Thainy for something new.

I ordered the chicken dumplings and the street noodles.  The dumplings only come four to an order, but they’re large so don’t stress.  They definitely needed the flavor of the sauce, but once they got a good dunking I liked them.  Not the best ever, but definitely satisfying.  I was a big fan of the street noodles.  Crispy bean sprouts and lettuce gave it a nice crunch and there was the perfect amount of bean sauce.  This is a great dish for someone with an aversion to spice.  I enjoyed it as a replacement for my typical pad see ew.  I’m not saying I plan to stray from my regular spot altogether, but it looks like Thainy made the case for a Sunday night deliver alternation.