Elias Corner

During my parents’ visit, we wanted to spend most of Saturday in Astoria.  Astoria is known for its thriving Greek community so we wanted to check out the restaurants and markets.  Since Albert spent several years living in Astoria, he served as our tour guide.  When we said we wanted authentic Greek food, he took us to Elias Corner, a restaurant right by his old apartment.  The location made me think he wasn’t taking us to anywhere particularly legit…more like it was the first place he could think of because it was across from his old apartment building.  When we walked in and there was not a single other person in the entire restaurant and my concerns grew.

But then we asked for menus and the waiter replied “Oh.  Your first time here.  We don’t do menu.  We buy freshest fish each day.  I tell you what we have; you tell me what you want; I make for you.”  NOW this was the real deal.  I blame the lack of diners on the bitter cold of the weather.

As the awning implies, this place is for fish.  If you’re not a seafood eater, don’t go.


If you are a seafood eater, this is perfect for you because the fish is super fresh and prepared very simply.  We ordered tzatziki and taramosalata with grilled bread to start.  Then it was time for the fish.  We ordered grilled octopus (nice and tender), fried calamari (in a very light batter), grilled shrimp, and branzini.  It was all light and delicious.  The branzini was my favorite and tasted like they brought it in from the docks just before we walked in the door.  My parents went to Greece ten years ago and my father kept saying how this took him right back to the tavernas.  Another reminder that this place is old school: it’s cash only so don’t forget to bring those dolla bills.





The waiter was happy to take this guy back and filet him for us