Snickity Snack: Old Bay Peanuts

Matt put me in charge of apps for Rosh Hashanah dinner so I started by making prosciutto, arugula, and blue cheese bundles.  It was such an easy app to throw together that I decided to make something else, too.  These Old Bay peanuts are also ridiculously simple to make and are the perfect bar snack.  Even if you’re not at a bar, these are the kind of things you can just leave out for constant munching.

I’m not a fan of plain peanuts (boringggg), but when they’re covered in spices like this, they take on a whole new life.  If you’re from the Lowcountry, you’re familiar with Old Bay.  It’s the easiest and best way to season boiled shrimp and is patient zero when it comes to Lowcountry boils.  This snack is the easiest (and I do mean easy) way to enjoy the flavor without the hassle of really cooking.

old bay peanuts