PSA: Sugarfina

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

Sugarfina has arrived in NYC!  I have seen this brand profiled on blogs galore but never got to try the LA-based products myself.  Now it’s here and I had to check it out – to be a kid in a candy store, if you will.

When I think of candy store, I imagine a wacky, colorful, Willy Wonka type space.  Honestly, I think of Dylan’s Candy Bar.  But Sugarfina takes a mature approach.  It’s what Kate Spade would do if she had a candy store.  It’s bright but not overwhelming with a rainbow of colors – it’s about pastels instead of jewel tones.  I would call this a candy boutique rather than a candy store.

I walked in knowing I had to buy some of the champagne gummy bears I have read about for years.  But then I saw all the other amazing options!  I didn’t feel the need to get a bento box.  It’s great for gifts, but you have to buy the box itself and the 3 or 8 cubes needed to fill it.  I knew I wanted to try more than 3 items, but at $7-$8 per cube, I did not need to try 8.  No souvenir box needed for me since I was just going to go home alone and get sugar high while watching How to Get Away with Murder.  I went with four cubes and two tasters.  The tasters (in small cellophane bags) are only $2 a pop and are filled with the perfect amount of candy to eat in one sitting.  I chose a mix of candies that took advantage of the three things Sugarfina does best:

  1. The flavors are unique, like a juicy, candied kumquat inside a chocolate and candy shell or the dark chocolate filled with single malt scotch
  2. The candy is delicate looking and beautiful, like the dark chocolate marshmallow eggs – like gorgeous little robins eggs
  3. There is just the right amount of fun, like with the champagne gummy bears (as good as I hoped), the sour lips, or the adorable strawberry piggy gummies

This Sugarfina in the Time Warner Center is great, but it’s just a kiosk that you can walk inside.  I would guess it’s only about 150 square feet.  That means we New Yorkers don’t get to take advantage of all Sugarfina has to offer.  I hear there are plans to open another location on Madison Avenue so I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes that my candy dreams come true.

sugarfina1 sugarfina2 sugarfina3 sugarfina4

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