The Howlin Hound

My father did not decide to eat at The Howlin Hound for lunch because it was close to his office.  He didn’t choose to eat there because the food it good.  He didn’t pick this place because he wanted to show me a high school friend’s new business venture.  Nope, when I was home he really wanted to take me to this restaurant because the mascot is a basset.  I guess that’s all it takes to impress Jerome.

Lucky for all of us, it is in a convenient location and the food is great.  It’s a fast casual restaurant where you order at the counter and your food is brought to your table, so you can expect a menu full of sandwiches and salads.  But these sandwiches are anything but ordinary.  Chef Kirk Blaine (who, yes, was a high school buddy of mine) has chosen what he feels are the best sandwiches in the world and given them his spin.  It’s sort of the 7 Wonders of the World…but with sandwiches.  You can find his version of the cuban or the french dip or the po boy.  There are also Southern faves, like the fried softshell crab sandwich I ordered.

The entrés don’t come with any sides, and that’s ok because they’re pretty huge.  Buuuut you may not want to pass on the onion rings or potato fritters, which are are basically fried balls of cheesy potato gratin.  Yum.  I have never seen such quality or attention to detail from a place with a drive through window.  And don’t take that as a knock on the drive-thru.  In this case, it means more opportunity to get good food into my face.

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