3 on Thursday

I’m still so happy since coming back from my little getaway to the North Fork.  Of course, r&r can only last so long, and I’ve been quite busy since I’ve returned.  With a birthday celebration this past Tuesday, a Halloween party tomorrow, and a trip to AC on Saturday, the remaining days have been filled with running errands and trying to be healthy enough to counteract all the upcoming weekend craziness.

3 on thurs1_10.26.17

I’m only just discovering Amazon Lockers and think it’s such a great idea.  Basically, if you’re not there to intercept your packages (because who ever is nowadays?), you can have them sent to a 7-11 or other such store where it will be held for pickup.  I simply walked to the back of the convenience store, scanned the code sent to me via email, and took home a few necessary components to my Halloween costume.  It felt like I was in the future, deaiing with robots!  For the last five years I’ve had a doorman so this hasn’t been an issue; however, while we’re in this interim apartment, it’s nice to be able to order things (at least Amazon things) and know they can actually make it to me.  That said, I’ll be happy to have a doorman again soon.

3 on thurs2_10.26.17

On Tuesday we celebrated Matt’s 33rd birthday with a lovely dinner and a trip to Blood Manor, the city’s main haunted house.  Each room was filled with drama and the actors were extra creepy.  I have to admit, I was scared and broke out in a sweat at one point.  But I made it through! It was just long enough (I don’t think my heart could have taken any longer) and a very fun way to spend a Tuesday during the fall.

3 on thurs3_10.26.17

When I told my beau I was stopping at a pumpkin patch on the way back from the North Fork, he asked if I would bring home two baby pumpkins to add a festive air to the apartment.  I did him one better and got three, each in a different style.  I love how they look on our window sill.