Gobble Gobble 2017: Baked Artichoke Hearts

We’ve arrived at my third and final appetizer from this year’s Thanksgiving.  This was the only one that had the potential to cause us some trouble since it was meant to be served warm and we had to travel with it from my house to my brother’s.  Turns out it wasn’t a huge deal because they come out of the oven super hot so they need a minute to cool anyway.  Also, they taste perfectly fine at room temp.

Follow this recipe and you won’t go wrong.  Basically, dip drained, canned artichoke hearts in melted butter that has some garlic powder mixed in.  Then dunk in a bowl of bread crumbs mixed with grated parmesan.  Bake at 450 for 18 minutes, turning once.  At first I was unhappy using the grated parm that’s in string from (vs. finely grated) because I didn’t think it was sticking to the artichokes as well; however, once it’s in the oven, it all melts together to form a beautiful crispy crust.

baked artichoke hearts3

My sister in law wins major points for this: first she suggested I look for quartered artichoke hearts.  Didn’t even know they made those.  It saved me from chopping the artichoke hearts into quarters and made it easier to drain.  She’s also a winner because she suggested we serve it with a dip and, of course, she was right because dips ALWAYS make a dish better.  I served it with two dip options: marinara sauce and a pesto mayo (just mix mayo with store-bought pesto).

baked artichoke hearts1

These little guys were so easy to pop in your mouth.  It was like eating chips.  Way way better chips.  No, they don’t look as gorgeous as the ones on the website, but when they taste this good, I don’t really care.

baked artichoke hearts4