The line for Enfes at Madison Square Eats was substantial so I had a feeling it would be tasty.  This popup stand churns out gozleme, a Turkish flatbread dish, made of hand-rolled leaves of yufka dough, filled with various toppings and cooked on a griddle.  The dough is a cross between a thick crepe and an un-puffy puff pastry.  That texture actually made it perfect for a wrap that’s not too filling and can support the weight of the contents without overpowering their flavor.  At Enfes, you can get the gozleme by itself or served as a platter with [a smaller sandwich,] hummus, falafel, and side salad.


Taylor and I got two platters so we could try two different gozleme and share.  We went with the classic (ground beef, onion, and spinach) and chicken pesto (potato, chicken, pesto, mushrooms, jack, and cheddar).  Overall the platter was good and I would definitely go back, specifically for the chicken pesto.  The classic just didn’t have enough flavor.  It was ok when you put the side sauces on top, but they almost forgot to give those to us, and if they had, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it that much.  The chicken pesto, however, had all the flavor that was missing from the classic.  The salad and hummus were tasty sides that made for an ample meal, though the falafel was a dry throw away.