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Brussels Sprout Caesar with Onions and Pita Chips

This five ingredient dish (and even “5” makes it sound more complicated than it is) is a fun new take on a caesar salad that I threw together and was shocked by how tasty it was. Sometimes I surprise myself, and who doesn’t love a little weeknight surprise?

Start by sautéing half a sliced onion in olive oil til they begin to caramelize. Into the pan, dump a bag of shredded brussels sprouts and toss. You’re not cooking the sprouts – you’re just getting them extra bright and green and getting rid of the super raw taste. Pour the mix into a serving bowl and toss with store-bought caesar dressing. Top with some parmesan shards and crushed pita chips.

Similar to the broccoli cabbage caesar I blogged about before, this salad has familiar flavors taken to less familiar territory. I know you like caesars for the crunch and this takes the crunch up a notch or two. And pita chips instead of regular croutons? I may or may not be a genius.

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