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Last night my co-workers and I headed to the West Village for dinner at Crispo (a restaurant I’ve wanted to check out for a while).  Once again, we picked an Italian place, which is perfect because the apps lend themselves to sharing, my boss’ favorite dining activity.  I find this odd because he is a raging germaphobe, making sharing complicated; but as long as he takes his portion first, we seem to be ok.

Don’t be discouraged by the neighboring storefronts; Crispo is a beautiful space.  As we walked to the very open back room, I noticed the décor is a nice mix of old world (rustic cast iron pots, brick) and new (bright, abstract artwork).  It was nice to see that they didn’t take design inspiration from the sex shop next door.

We started with a cheese plate, risotto balls, and delish carmelized brussel sprouts.  The brussel sprouts were the first of several veggies we tasted last night that blew me away.  The cauliflower and spinach we ordered with the meal were amazing.  Sounds boring, but so full of flavor.  For my entrée, I couldn’t decide between the duck and veal saltimbocca, so I deferred to the waiter.  Although the duck sounded more interesting, he convinced me that the saltimbocca was the best in the city, and I’m glad I went with his recommendation because it really did “jump in my mouth”. (Yes, that’s right, I know the translation of saltimbocca.  Impressed?  You should be.  This is reason #762 why I’m a great catch.)  For dessert, we tried the crème brûlée, chocolate pot de crème, tiramisu, and berries with marscapone.  All food was yummy and I plan to return, but considering it’s not the cheapest of restaurants (particularly if you want to order like we did), I’ll have to build up some cashola first.

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