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The Commodore

Yesterday was all about eating in Williamsburg.  We started the afternoon by going to 3rd Ward‘s 3rd Annual Pig Out! celebration.  3rd Ward is an artist collective that offers classes and workspace and apparently some pretty awesome events.  Check it out if you’re artsy…or if you just like fun, porky events.  The team from the Goods truck (an Air Streem trailor on the streets of Williamsburg that’s supposed to be awesome) prepared a roasted pig which they worked into okra gumbo and pulled pork sandwiches with slaw (pictured below).  The food was wonderful.  I was nervous about the gumbo because the okra was finely chopped, but the flavor was on point.

The live music was a great accompaniment to the food and the overall setting was nice and funky.  We were surrounded by avant-garde art installations, including a frozen lemonade stand powered by a bicycle, pictured below.  No, I do not know that boy on the bike but congrats, mister, you’re famous!  Thankfully, we got there early so there was plenty of food, but it soon became too hot and crowded, necessitating a relocation.
…which brings us to The Commodore.  Yes, we had already eaten our fill, but while in Brooklyn, we needed to take advantage of all the great food we had been hearing so much about.  The Commodore is a nautical throwback to the 70s and all its wood-paneled glory.  While I may have looked out of place in hipster-centric Williamsburg, I certainly seemed to have dressed according to theme at this place in my white shorts dotted with anchors, cable-knit halter, and Sperrys.  I was ready to hop on the nearest yacht.  Note to self: Southern fashion doesn’t quite translate in Brooklyn.  There were tons of boat drinks and a great 2 for 1 happy hour from 4-7 daily (including weekends).  I would have loved to have taken advantage of the special, but we were all about ice water in yesterday’s heat…ice water and food, that is.   We ordered the pork of the day, which was a sandwich topped with baked beans.  We also ordered the fried chicken plate, which came with three thighs, hot sauce, mini biscuits, and honey butter.  Juicy on the inside with major crisp on the outside.  Somebody has been taking a class on Southern fried goodness, and I award them an A+.  Finally, we scarfed down the Adult Cheese.  I agree, that is probably the worst name for a dish, as it recalls images of toe cheese and sounds grody, unappetizing.  The taste, on the other hand, is great.  The buttery, grilled sandwich oozes with about 12 different cheeses that I’m still trying to identify and poblanos (don’t worry, it’s not spicy).  I’ll definitely make my way back to Brooklyn for the food at The Commodore.  But next time, I’ll wash it down with some drinks.
We finished the day by grabbing homemade popsicles at Cupcakeland because it seemed a shame to end the afternoon without a little dessert.  I can’t speak for their cupcakes (and truth be told, I’m not a cupcake fan), but the pops were just what the doctor ordered on such a hot day.  Yesterday’s flavors were watermelon and the oh-so-sweet-and-refreshing cucumber/lime.
After running around in the heat all day, I had no problem watching a movie and falling asleep when we got home.  If you’re wondering, my latest Netflix pick happened to be Up, and it was great.  Yup, I cried.  Twice.


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