Bagatelle Brunch

Want a party?  Go to Bagatelle for brunch.   Believe me, you need to be briefed beforehand so you know what you’re getting into.

We arrived at 1:30 on Saturday to celebrate Steph’s bday, and I saw a few disbelievers in the group.  I think they were just surprised to see so many sequined dresses in daytime.  They soon realized that lack of moonlight is no reason to slow the party.  The music is pumpin, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is dancing on the chairs and banquettes.  By 2:45 everyone in the restaurant is out of their mind nuts.  And all wearing sunglasses inside.

Let’s be real here; you’re going for the experience, not the food.  But since we were technically there to eat brunch, I’ll let you know how the eating portion of the day works.  Pick your choice of app (3 options) and entree (4 options).  You can also order off the regular menu, but why would you when it is more expensive  and you’re already paying an arm and a leg and, as mentioned, you’re not there for the food?  I went with the salade bagatelle to start and was very happy with my choice.  It was basically a caesar salad on bibb (my favorite lettuce – and yes, I know it sounds weird to have a favorite lettuce) over the standard romaine.  My only problem with the salad was the chopped red onions.  They were strong and induced the kind of breath that is probably not conducive to flirting in this scene.  I went with the croque monsieur for my main course and was pleasantly surprised.  After living in France, it’s very tough to eat a croque monsieur in the US.  On average, I ate 4 of those tasty ham and cheese yummies per week while I was en France, so I think of myself as quite the croque connaisseur.  While not perfect, this one was much more authentic than I anticipated and I gobbled it up partly because I enjoyed it, partly because I knew I should soak up the booze.

Can’t tell you how much this 2-course prix fixe costs, but I can tell you that you’ll spend a nice chunk of change.  Drinks are $15+, so be prepared to drop $120 per person.  But think of it as a fun, all day activity that you’re not going to do every weekend.  Plus, this is your best chance so get your fill of beautiful people and Euros.

Bday girl and fab bf, Gav breakin it down