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Amy’s Bread

If the name of your establishment is Amy’s Bread, you better be able to do some amazing things with yeast.  Amy’s Bread has always been suggested to me for dessert, but the cupcakes in the case never screamed at me, so I always walked by.  This evening, however, I had some time to kill before attending a cheese class at next door Murray’s in the village, so I stopped in to read my book.

I knew I would get all sorts of menacing looks if I sat down with my book without buying anything, so I ordered a cheddar biscuit.  It was fluffy but still dense, buttery, and every nook was infused with cheese.  I also sampled the three cheese sourdough by the register and had to tell myself the sign said “take one”.

They have so many different types and flavors of bread, and I could make a case for each one to be on my dinner table.  Stop touting this place as a dessert destination.  It’s called Amy’s BREAD for a reason.

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