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On Saturday night, I met Matt and a few other friends at Von for a few drinks.  I’ve stopped in this bar once before for an intimate drink, in the all wood surroundings (wood floors, wood tables, wood benches, wood, wood, wood) and enjoyed myself.  I got a hint of that this weekend and then it turned around (not necessarily for the worse).

This NoHo bar is divided into three sections: the bar area, the adjacent room with seating, and the downstairs area with a dance floor (that people were standing – not dancing – on).  I love any bar with a mix of different people – keeps things interesting.  Here, I saw boys in sweater vests (my people) and guys who wouldn’t be caught dead in a sweater vest.  To me, that says good crowd mix, but you never know what you’re gonna get – best to go with a group of people.  Around midnight it got a little too packed (we couldn’t enjoy the chill vibe we got when we came) but then went back to normal an hour later.

The one downside of the evening: there was someone running around GUMMING people.  First Karina found a wad of gum on her sweater.  About 30 minutes later, one wound up on my shirt.  When one of the other girls got home, she saw a glob of chewed gum on her jacket.  Seriously, who is this serial gummer?!  Honestly, who does that?!

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