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The Blind Barber

Once again, Rocio decided to celebrate her birthday on a Friday night and although I was tired from the work week, I made sure to rally so I could celebrate with her.  I had never heard of The Blind Barber, but it was a good enough bar to make me happy I ditched my usual Friday night DVR date.  You enter through a barber shop with a single chair and through a sliding wooden door held open by an imposing bouncer.  The barber shop is no mere facade – for $20, a guy can get a trim and a drink during the daytime.  At night, both the barbershop and the bar behind it are very Sweeney Todd with candelabras on the wall and dark, checkered floors.  I am pretty sure they can make a mean drink, but I didn’t get the chance to look at the menu so I just went with a Jack and Diet.

The only problem was the line.  It may not be a huge bar, but it was nowhere near filled to capacity; yet they were being extremely stingy at the door and we were not willing to pay $500 for bottle service to guarantee the late arrivals would be allowed in the bar.  Once people started having problems getting in, we decided to go elsewhere.  It was a small birthday setback, but I recognize that it was still a great bar.  I definitely want to go back with just a few friends and get there early enough so we don’t have to worry about snooty people manning the door.

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