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If you’re in the Buckhead area of Atlanta and it’s nice out, I highly recommend Treehouse, an adorable little place tucked away in a neighborhood that has the perfect deck for brunching.  Eggs Sardou – basically eggs florentine with the addition of artichokes.  It came with roasted breakfast potatoes, but I recommend you try the potato salad.  I’m not usually wild about potato salad, but this vinegar-based one was great.  The potatoes were just firm enough and it was perfectly dressed.

After brunch, I went to Megan’s pool to get some color before the wedding.  I am a firm believer that a tan is the best accessory and a couple hours of laying out gave me the glow that pulled my outfit together.  While at the pool, we watched a group of people playing beer pong on a floating beer pong table.  It was an inspired contraption and I must have one.  I also must have a pool…

Brunch was great (especially the large mimosas that only set me back $4.50 a pop), but nothing could beat the wedding.  Heather and Jason – I wish you all the happiness in the world and I am so happy I was able to celebrate with you.  I am also so happy you threw an afterparty – I am definitely filing that idea away for my own future wedding.

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