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Rye House

On Thursday night I headed to Chelsea with some co-workers to check out Rye House, a bar I stuck on my “to try” list a while ago but forgot about.  I was not expecting hipster bartenders in the front and communal dining tables in the back, but I loved the mix of high and low.  The set up in the dining room made the whole place seem more relaxed and I think helped attract the good crowd of non-annoying business people.
We spent about an hour at the bar and let the mixologists do their thing.  They have a good beer list and nice cocktail list, but if you’re in the mood to play around, the bartenders are happy to create something to suit your specific tastes.  Once we were ready to eat, we switched to wine (they had some great $30-$35 bottles) and headed to the back.  I enjoyed the grilled oysters, fried pickles (a little too much breading), burger (great fries), and lobster roll, but my favorite was probably the fried mac and cheese.  The gastropub craze is heating up and I think Rye House is a sound example.

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