Ricotta and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

Tonight I made three quick changes to my mashed potatoes:

  1. Instead of red potatoes, I used yukon gold.  I love the skin on the red ones, so they’re great for smashed potatoes when the slightly tougher skin mixes in for extra texture.  Tonight, however, I wanted super smooth taters and the yukon golds break down easily.
  2. Instead of the several pounds of butter I usually use, I just used a teensy bit to get it going and then mixed in ricotta.  The ricotta made the potatoes nice and creamy and added just the slightest bit of sweetness.
  3. When it came to seasoning, I didn’t just put in salt and pepper; I folded in chopped fresh rosemary.

I love my garlic smashed potatoes, but these were even more flavorful.  Rosemary is a fabulous herb for potatoes and ricotta will incorporate beautifully and help create the perfect texture.  I shouldn’t have to tell you these mashed potatoes went perfectly with the flank steak and snow peas I made to round out the meal.