3 on Thursday

I am finally starting to get back into the swing of things after two weeks out of the country.  Even though I am stepping back into my normal life, I still have one foot on my Birthright bus which is why this week’s “3 on Thursday” is two parts what I loved in Israel and one part back to reality.

All the food in Israel was so fresh – even the canned fruit juice tasted good.  This mango was one of my faves and, once discovered, made a frequent appearance on my lunch tray.
We toured an olive press and sampled the delicious infused olive oils produced there.  The press’ owner also let us try this olive wash that will leave your skin silky smooth.  The exfoliant in this all natural scrub is actually crushed olive pit.  I had to bring some home, but soon you may be able to find it yourself as they are working out a deal with Whole Foods.
I jumped back into my normal routine by celebrating a random, silly holiday last night.  Yesterday was March 14th, aka 3/14, making it Pi Day (since Pi is 3.14…).  I had a great pie recipe in mind but scrapped that when I was tired and couldn’t find some of the necessary ingredients.  Instead, I celebrated by trying a flavor of store-bought pie I had never tasted (coconut custard) and embellished it with a chocolate pi symbol.  Next year, I’ll be sure to plan further ahead, but for last minute, I was pretty happy.