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BLT Pasta

Everyone loves a good BLT and I love pasta dishes of all shapes and sizes so it was time these two joined forces to make one powerhouse dish.  The best part is that takes only five ingredients and about ten minutes to make.  Get ready because a meal this easy might just change your life.

While I cooked up a pot of corkscrew pasta, I cooked some pancetta and added some halved grape tomatoes when it was almost done.  When everything was cooked and ready, I tossed it together with some arugula (the lettuce of the BLT) that wilted with the heat of the dish.  To incorporate the toast that a BLT is always served on, I toasted some fresh bread crumbs (from day old baguette I had lying around) and threw them into the bowl for texture.  The pancetta provides more than enough salt and the arugula adds the pepper, but if you want the mayo that usually accompanies the sandwich, feel free to add that in for more of a pasta salad vibe.


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