Big Gay Ice Cream

Every time I’ve tried to join a book club, no one ends up reading the book and even when they do they never want to talk about it.  I’m all for drinking wine and gossiping, but if there was zero interest in reading the book, why not just call it dinner?  Thankfully, this group actually cared about reading – the group leader even printed out a list of questions for discussion!  You’ll see my book review later, but for now, I’d like to tell you about our book club menu.

We rock this book club potluck style and we had quite a spread.  There was five bean salad, quinoa salad, layered hummus dip, goat cheese salad with cornbread croutons, cheese and crackers, and my contribution: ice cream sandwiches.  Because I had to run a few errands between work and book club, I was unable to cook a dish myself.  I knew if I was going to bring something store-bought when everyone else was going homemade, it had to be special, so I stopped by the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop for some special frozen treats.

Big Gay Ice Cream started out as a food truck that gained such popularity with their Salty Pimp cones (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip) that they opened a brick and mortar store last summer.  It’s as much fun to just say the names of their ice cream combos as it is to eat them.  Sundaes and cones don’t travel well for a group, but ice cream sandwiches were easy enough to transport and could be easily split in half to feed our whole group.

The ice cream sandwiches are made in conjunction with Melt Bakery, but it should have been no surprise that everyone’s favorite was the Big Gay Ice Cream exclusive, the Rue McClanahan.  Bourbon ice cream (with a distinct liquor flavor) was sandwiched between two praline pecan cookies.  Those were the first to get devoured by the group.  As a true Southern gal, it was obvious I would love the one with pecans and bourbon, but the vote was unanimous.  We also tried the snickerdoodle (with cinnamon ice cream) and the red velvet (with cream cheese ice cream).  Though not as fabulous as the Rue McClanahan, they sure did get polished off quickly.

Big Gay Ice Cream: It’s here.  It’s queer.  Get used to it.