China Poblano

Chinese and Mexican?  Not exactly two cuisines that pop to the forefront of your mind as complementary.  But if famed chef Jose Andres is behind it, it can’t be bad.  Before round two of the bachelorette festivities, a couple of us went to the China Poblano restaurant in our hotel.  The decor was  relaxed with wood paneling and bicycle spokes hanging from the ceiling.  I was a little worried how these two types of food would come together, but it turned out to be a seamless integration of flavors.

This smooth combination was best exhibited in the cocktail that Courtney and I shared, the cold tea.  Green tea was mixed with tequila and beer.  It was quite refreshing and tasted more like a punch that wasn’t overly sweet.  Next up we got the palmitos (heart of palm salad with avocado, radishes, and a tamarind dressing).  The fact that these hearts of palm were fresh, not canned, made a huge difference.  The matchstick cut (instead of slicing) also seemed to affect the flavor.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any other pictures, but we also ordered two types of dumplings (scallop and shrimp/pork belly) that were more traditional takes on dim sum.  The fusion continued with huitlacoche noodles which I preferred more in concept than execution.  There was a little too much vinegar for me to fully enjoy the dish.  Redemption came in the form of guacamole with a nice dusting of queso fresco.  Traditional but well done.  Finally, we ordered the beef lettuce wraps that were made with a nice ginger soy sauce and crispy rice noodles.

I wish I had better documented all of our food experiences in Vegas because it is truly an eating extravaganza.  East and West Coast chefs converge in Sin City so we can enjoy high quality food all up and down the strip.  China Poblano came in right at the middle price-wise but didn’t seem to skimp on fusion or flavor.  The food is served in smaller, tapas style portions, making it perfect for sharing which is, in turn, perfect for a big group of girls on a bachelorette party.