I had planned a trip to Georgia for the Ole Miss game and some hanging out with my Atlanta friends, but I was worried that I wouldn’t make it out due to Hurricane Sandy.  I was worried about getting to the airport so I left about four hours before my flight.  Because the city was rapidly running out of gas, there were no cars on the road and almost no one in the airport.  When I got to the gate, I saw that there was an earlier flight leaving at 6 PM and asked if I could get on it (with just four minutes to spare before they finished boarding).  The gate attendant switched my ticket free of charge and I walked on the plane to find it nearly empty, affording me an entire row to myself.  I’m not going to say I deserved it, but after a week without electricity, water, or heat (and no complaining from me), it was time for some good karma.

The best part about getting on a flight two hours early was that it meant I made it in time for dinner.  Because my parents didn’t expect me to leave so early they were still on the road so I had a window of opportunity to meet up with Patricia for dinner.  She was already at the restaurant with her fiancé and another couple, so I hopped in a cab and met them at Watershed.
Watershed was previously located in Decatur but just moved to the Brookwood Hills neighborhood.  One of the owners is an Indigo Girl and the restaurant has snagged a James Beard award.  Those two details might lead you to believe that it’s a pricier place, and it is.  However, they nailed it with the food so I didn’t mind the price tag.  And no, my palate was not stunted because I had been subsisting on Pirates Booty and halloween candy during the hurricane – I was still able to recognize good food.
My lamb shank ragu over hand cut paperdelle with crispy brussels sprout leaves was perfect.  There was a hint of spice in the sauce, but it was a deep, smoky spice felt in dish’s under-notes (if top-note is a wine term, I’m guessing under-note can be a food term).  This is the kind of dish that makes you feel whole again.  I also enjoyed a couple bites of the “very good chocolate cake in a jar.”  It was rich without being dense.
Side Note: I grabbed some matches on my way out and loved that they included their fried chicken recipe.  Great touch.