Oyster Roast 2012

I added “2012” to this blog post’s title because after the success of this year’s event, it’s sure to become an annual thing.  Oyster roasts are commonplace in The Lowcountry for good reason – they’re freakin awesome.  Basically, you create a pit outside and roast the oysters on a grate above an open flame (we roasted 5 bushels – each weighs about 60 lbs).  Once they’re cooked, you pour them out on the table and get to shucking.  The best part (other than the oysters themselves) is that everybody has great conversation while they’re hunched over the picnic table, sleeves rolled up, batting away gnats with their elbows.  It’s a fabulous southern tradition and one that I’m happy my brother introduced to our Thanksgiving weekend tradition.

Before I left for Savannah, Mark asked me if I would make any apps since he knows that’s my specialty.  Just as I did for Thanksgiving, I made one fallback (bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers) and one new recipe. The newbie this time was Brussels sprout prosciutto sandwiches.  It was way easier than I expected.  You’d expect something this easy to be ugly, but it looks nice and pretty – like a bowl full of shiny emeralds.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture so you can’t see how good they looked, but check out this recipe to see where I got my inspiration.  I tweaked the original recipe a bit: I halved the sprouts, put them on a foil lined cookie sheet, and drizzled with oil and whatever spice blend I have lying around (big fan of Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning).  Once they were nice and browned, I tore prosciutto into manageable bits, sandwiched between two halves, and skewered with a toothpick.  The original recipe calls for cooked prosciutto, but I think prosciutto is best as is.  Next to the jalapeno poppers, this app was basically a healthy salad.  I’m sure I’ll make them again soon and won’t forget to whip out the camera.  Allison also made a bangin app, but I’m not going to describe it now because I already have plans to steal it and make it for book club next month (giving her credit, of course) so you’ll just have to wait on that one.

Photo courtesy of Greg Greenberg