I would put Leoci’s in Savannah up against any Italian restaurant in New York.  I went there for the first time on Saturday and absolutely loved it.  The homemade pasta is what propels them into the superior Italian stratosphere and their sauces keep them there.  I ordered one of the daily specials but tasted everybody’s meal so I can say for sure that it was all good.

Allison and I both ordered cappelini in saffron cream sauce with grilled calamari and a whole trout.  Good.  My Daddy ordered acorn squash stuffed with risotto, pork, and cheese.  Good.  My Mom ordered lasagna that was made without ricotta but with lots of layers.  Good.  Mark ordered gnocci with “hunter sauce” (beef pork, veal ragu with cream and peas).  Good.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t describe anything as less than good.  I probably should have picked a better adjective because “good” just doesn’t do this pasta justice.

One thing you get in Leoci’s that you may not get in New York: a great patio seating area with bocce.  Another thing that’s harder to come by outside our small town: conversation with the chef who walks up to each table to chat about the meal.

Unfortunately, the other pics didn’t turn out so well so you just get to see the lasagna.