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I can’t help but say the name of this restaurant, Arang, in anything but the voice of an old butler going “You raaaang, sir?”  It’s not like that makes the food taste any better, but it elicits a giggle from me every time and giggles do seem to make a meal more enjoyable.

Matt and I stumbled into Arang after jumping ship from Kunjip when we saw how long the line was.  We were in the middle of K-town and starving.  Any restaurant was bound to be good at that point, especially one that was directly upstairs from where we were standing.  We walked upstairs and attacked the menu.

Matt picked out bulgogi jungol (beef and glass noodles in a sweet broth), while I chose the seafood pancake, and spicy calamari with pork.  The beef soup was definitely the kind of thing I would want to eat if I was sick.  It makes me wonder why people still eat chicken noodle.  The seafood pancake was tasty, but lacked the quantity of seafood we were expecting.  The calamari was by far our favorite.  It’s a plate full of squid, pork, and a sweet and spicy sauce – no filler.  It’s exactly what you want when you order this dish.  Next time I’ll have to try the rice cake with cheese since we were told by the guys at the table next to us that it is the house specialty…and it did smell amazing.

My only complaint is that they clearly toned down the spice for us white kids.  I prefer not to have my tongue on fire but if I order something that is listed on the menu as spicy, I expect some heat.  When there are so many restaurants on the K-town block, I found this one slightly overpriced, but I enjoyed everything I ate.  It’s definitely worth another go, especially if I can convince them that I can handle a little more spice.

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