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A new Thai place opened in my neighborhood and I thought I was going to get Rebekah to come to my side of town to try it.  When we stayed near her West Side apartment, I thought all was lost…until we walked by the restaurant on 9th Ave.  Apparently, my restaurant has a sister so I got to try it after all.

I have no idea if V{IV} is pronounced Viv (like the nickname for Vivienne) or 5-4.  It’s not located on 54th so, really, it could be either and I’ll probably switch up the name depending on my mood.  Whatever it’s called, they make good food.  The waiter recommended the avocado massaman curry and the creamy potato and peanut sauce did not disappoint.  I was also happy to see real chicken in my bowl.  Usually, Thai restaurants have cut up the chicken in those thin slices in advance (just like in Chinese takeout).  It tastes fine, but it doesn’t taste like home cooking.  This chicken seemed to have been simmering for hours and fell off the bone (which, if you’re keeping up, means they actually served it on the bone instead of as those pre-cut slices).  At $12 it was right in line with typical Thai takeout prices but the quality was better.

Now, not only did I find a new Thai spot, I don’t have to go Hell’s Kitchen to eat it again.  I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas since the East Side location is in convenient delivery distance.

Didn’t get any pics of the food, but did capture the porthole on the bathroom door (that was next to some groovy, not-pictured tropical wallpaper) and a huge brass lady lamp that was sitting on a console table (also next to great wallpaper) right outside the bathroom.

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