3 on Thursday

I’ve been eating more chocolate than usual.  I’m a sucker for the extra dark kind (I feel like that’s the start of one of those “I like my chocolate like I like my men” jokes) and have found some great chocolatiers lately.  With that, I bring you the 3 on Thursday: Chocolate Edition.

While home for Thanksgiving, I found a new store on Broughton Street, our main downtown thoroughfare.  Chocolate by Adam Turoni produces the most delicate chocolate truffles.  I had a cognac fig one and a habanero caramel sea salt one.  Both were perfect.  At $2.50 for each tiny chocolate, it’s not something you can get often, but it’s wonderful for when you want to treat yourself.  A store like this will depend entirely on Savannah’s tourist population so I figure it could be tough to keep afloat, but I really hope it makes it because Savannah could use something fancy like this.
If you don’t feel like going high end with the chocolate shop mentioned above, look no further than Trader Joe’s.  Anywhere else, a dark chocolate bar filled with caramel and sea salt would set you back about $4.  Here, however, it’s about $1.87.  And not for nothing, the packaging is great.  I also fell in love with one of their seasonal treats dark chocolate covered marshmallows with caramel.
Lauri showed up to my housewarming with a box of truffles from The Chocolate Room, a shop in her new Brooklyn neighborhood.   In terms of price, this one falls somewhere between Adam Turoni and Trader Joe.  With flavors like lemon verbena ganache, they’ve got the right tastes and based on their website, they have the right atmosphere, too.  It seems they have a nice lil cafe along with a whole slew of cakes and other desserts to satisfy any chocolate craving.  I’m a little upset to have learned about this place only to realize it’s a little deep into Brooklyn for this Manhattan girl.  Oh well, a little subway ride never hurt anyone…