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Antipasto Lettuce Wraps

The full NYE recap will be in another post, but there was one dish I made for the New Years pregame I hosted that deserves it’s very own post here and now.

You don’t hear “lettuce wraps” without thinking of P.F. Changs.  I think even people who have never eaten at P.F. Changs know the two terms are practically synonymous.  Even outside of the upscale Chinese food chain, lettuce wraps have been an Asian thing for years.  However, things have taken a turn toward Italy in the Konter household.

Antipasto lettuce wraps takes all your favorites from the typical Italian appetizer platter but mixes them together instead of forcing you to peck here and there.  Just grab a head of iceberg lettuce and pick your favorites from the olive bar and deli counter.  There are plenty of options, but some of my faves are as follows:
  • Basics (aka: The Musts):
    • Cubed or Sliced Meat (I used a mix of salamis)
    • Cheese (here, you can use mozzarella balls or cubed provolone/swiss – I went with mozz)
    • Halved Grape Tomatoes
  • The Add-ons:
    • Marinated Artichoke Hearts
    • Roasted Garlic
    • Olives
    • Hearts of Palm
    • Marinated or Roasted Peppers
As long as you’re picking most stuff out of the olive/antipasti bar, it will have more than enough seasoning.  All you have to do is mix it all together in a bowl and scoop it into your lettuce wraps.  This makes a great weeknight meal for the fam and could easily be used as a pot luck or picnic dish.


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