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Salmon Tacos

If I’m able to cook a healthy, delicious dinner while I’m doing laundry and haven’t even gotten back from the gym til 9:00 pm, I’d say that must be one worthwhile recipe.  Salmon tacos are just that.

I drizzled salmon with olive oil, topped it with chile powder, paprika, and cayenne, and stuck it in the oven to bake while I separated and loaded my laundry into the machines.  It still had some time left to cook after I started the wash so I prepped the toppings while it finished cooking.  I made a sauce by mixing greek yogurt, cilantro, lime, and salt.  I also chopped up an avocado.  I then ran down to put my clothes in the dryer and by the time I came upstairs, the salmon was ready to come out of the oven and the tacos were ready to be assembled.
I would have preferred corn tortillas, but the store was out and flour worked just fine.  The yogurt sauce had all the sour flavor and creamy texture of sour cream with none of the guilt.  And avocado, well, avocado goes well on everything.
I may have decided to make this because I was in a rush and looking for something to keep my new year’s resolution in tact, but I can tell you I’ll make it even when health and time is not on my mind.

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