Inspiration Station: You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

It may be a weird choice, but I’d like to look at You Don’t Mess With The Zohan for this month’s movie.  I admit, it’s a stupid movie, but as much as I tried to roll my eyes, I found myself laughing through much of it.  Oh Adam Sandler, I have such a soft spot for you.

  1. The Dish: Hummus may as well be its own character in this movie.  It is eaten off of everything – from a candy bar to a pair of glasses.  Instead of making my own hummus, I made a hummus dish: 5 Layer Hummus Layer Dip.  This is the Mediterranean version of the Mexican 7 layer dip that you may now want to replace at potlucks.  It is so unbelievably simple and requires zero cooking.  Simply layer  ingredients as follows: hummus (I used my favorite edamame hummus from Trader Joes), tabbouleh, Greek yogurt, chopped cucumber, and feta.  Serve it with pita, flatbread, pita chips, or any combination of the above.  The recipe listed is the simplest version, but there are plenty variations.  Chopped iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickled veggies, or kalmata olives are also nice additions.  I’m just thinking of all the things I tried to pile into my falafel/shwarma/shnitzel sandwiches while I was in Israel.
  2. The Doodads:
  • Adam Sandler’s character has his heart set on cutting hair so get yourself a snazzy new ‘do.  Karina has recommended Fox and Jane and I think I’m going to check it out for my next trim.  I think they’ll make my hair silky smooth.
  • Everyone in this movie loves Fizzy Bubblech.  We may not get that here, but Maine Root sodas come in unique flavors like Blueberry, Ginger Brew, and Pumkin Pie so it should satisfy your fizzy cravings.
  • Zohan runs around in denim cutoff shorts for a good portion of the movie.  It may feel a little middle school to wear them now, but denim cutoffs are making a comeback and if paired with the right top and accessories can look great for errands around the city.  I like these Rag and Bone boyfriend shorts for inspiration and plan to find a cheaper version for myself this summer.
  • It seems Mediterranean folk are keen on hacky sack.  My game of choice for the park, however, is bocce and I think it could be cool to own an antique set.