3 on Thursday

Tomorrow I’m headed to Baton Rouge for Patricia’s wedding.  Knowing Patricia, this will be an extravaganza and I can’t wait!

I finally saw what all the fuss was about at Beekman Beer Garden.  All the way down at the South Street Seaport is an outdoor space that’s fun in the daytime (ping pong) and breathtaking at night (amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge).  Great spot for summer socializing.
A good cocktail on top of a whimsical, illustrated menu is a great mid-week treat.
I’m always in the Thomkins Square Park area at night on my way to Alphabet City bars, when it’s a little to sketchy to walk around in the park.  Last weekend I happened to be in the area in the daytime and simply strolled.  They’ve got some amazing flora in there that served as the perfect backdrop for my dog park and street hocky creeping.