Our seafood supper was just light enough for us to reserve room for either another drink or dessert.  Usually I go for the drink but it was a hot day and ice cream just sounded so perfect.  We happened to be right by Karina’s favorite ice cream parlor, Cones, so we walked right in.  Karina was dead set on getting the corn.  I don’t usually like to order the same thing as anyone else so I was going to get one of the many other available flavors.  Just to satisfy my curiosity, however, I asked for a taste test of the corn before moving on to my own flavor.  Nope, that was it.  No moving on.  I was getting the corn.  They sprinkle it with cinnamon and it makes all the difference.  The tiny bits of corn give it just a bit of texture and it’s just…delicious.  I mean, it kinda changed my life.