Maison Keyser

Maison Keyser is a Parisian bakery that’s gone global.  The contents of the case are exactly like what you would expect from a traditional French patisserie.  I had to get a tarte because that’s my favorite and while in France I attempted to try every variety my local patisserie had to offer, which meant I ate about 30 tartes over the course of three months.  This time, I went with the pear and chocolate one because it’s not as common here in the US but it should be.  Though I don’t usually like crispies, they were used sparingly in this case so I thought they actually added something in the way of texture vs. getting in the way of the decadent chocolate and juicy pear.  I also got an eclair because I was so intrigued that it was yuzu flavored.  The Japanese citrus is not typical for French pastries but it was bright (not how I would usually describe an eclaire) and more my style than the regular chocolate and cream version.

It could be my imagination but it seems like lots of French bakeries have been popping up lately.  Not opposed.