Cornelia Street Cafe

This weekend was sweaty.  The heat in NYC was BRUTAL and it didn’t take more than five minutes of walking outside before my shirt was stuck to my back.  But it takes more than heat to stop my Mom and I from hoofing it all around the city.  We walked around the humid mess of the city until we couldn’t stand it anymore, at which point we ducked into a store or restaurant…usually a restaurant.

On Saturday, that restaurant happened to be Cornelia Street Cafe in the heart of Greenwich Village.  We were dripping and so thankful the bartender was happy to keep filling up our water glasses for an hour while we ordered zero alcohol and waited for the rest of our party to arrive.  New Yorkers became pretty considerate in this scorching heat.  It was nice to see, but I’m sure they’ll go back to their rude Yankee ways once it cools down.  For the area of town, the prices were far more reasonable than I anticipated.  My BLT was fabulous (yummy aioli, soft toasted challah bread) and cost $12.  The huevos rancheros I saw walk by was huge and only $11.  Pretty good for a restaurant in an area of town where only the fanciest of people live.  My Mom saw there were wine flights of three small glasses for only $15 and she was sold.  Not a typical Marcy Konter brunch move, but when that lady goes on vacay I guess she just becomes a wild woman!