I waited patiently for Hendrick’s to open in a space that had remained vacant for the full year since I moved into my apartment.  It was right downstairs from my place and as it started coming together, it looked promising.  The painted brick, white marble bar, and glazed wood floors signified a spot that could attract a less rowdy Murray Hill crowd that seeks out quality neighborhood spots.  I cupped my hands around my eyes and peered in the window daily while it was under construction, awaiting the moment I could try out my new local spot.  And then it opened…and I didn’t go.  In fact, it took me a full month to get there – almost embarrassing considering it’s five steps from my front door.

Now that I’ve been, I won’t take it for granted.  The food is just over budget for a weekly spot, but I could easily see myself stopping in ever three or four weeks.  Since we were looking for a lighter meal, Albert and I split the seafood tower and lamb meatballs.  Though you obviously get less, I was very happy to see a $32 seafood tower on a menu.  I’ve never seen one for less than $65 and this one could easily serve two.  I am way more prone to order it this way.  My favorite appetizer of the evening was the deviled eggs – served on a bed of extra deviled egg yolk and a streak of pesto.  Allison was very happy with her lobster and avocado salad, served in a large enough portion to justify the $19 price tag (ugh if only lobster wasn’t so expensive), and Mark ate all of his porcini ravioli.

The bar needs a little work and I think they would do well to institute a bottomless mimosa brunch deal, but I figured there would still be a kink or two after only being open about four weeks.  Hendrick’s fills a desired niche for a not wild but not stuffy place to go for a solid meal in the upper 30s.  It’s nice not to be relegated to bar food or Asian.  This is exactly the kind of place I’m looking for when I want a well rounded meal, maybe for a date night or low key catch up sesh with a girlfriend.