Sandfly BBQ

For his first visit to the South, the main mission was to introduce Albert to some of the best BBQ we have to offer.  It’s probably his favorite cuisine and I was sure Savannah could do it better than NYC.  Many Southerners are single-minded when it comes to who makes the best bar-b-que in a given town.  My household is divided, with my Mom and brother steadfastly in support of SandFly BBQ so we decided to start there.

It’s time for me to come clean.  While I say I am from Savannah, GA, I am technically from unincorporated Chatham county; meaning, I’m not really within the borders of the Hostess City of the South.  If we’re being honest, I am actually from Sandfly, GA…but that doesn’t look nearly as good when you’re addressing an envelope.

SandFly BBQ is in my little slice of Georgia heaven and it kinda makes the neighborhood.  While it could use a little bark (that’s BBQ speak for the crust on the meat), the pulled pork is nice and juicy.  It’s great BBQ, but the star of the show is their Brunswick stew.  Brunswick stew has a tomato base and is filled with butter beans, corn, and pork.  It is pretty unique to the Lowcountry, and I think it’s what sets our bbq apart from other regions.  Everybody makes it differently, and I think SandFly’s is some of the best I’ve ever had.