After getting a fabulous set of nails, a colleague and I decided to grab a quick drink at whatever bar was closest.  That turned out to be Public, which may have been swankier than we were looking for, but they served alcohol so it fit the bill.  When a group of trendy Soho girls waltzed in (lots of floppy hats and double kisses), the people watching became too good to leave and one drink turned into several along with a light dinner.

The cheapest wine on the menu was $12 so don’t go there for bargains.  But I will say that my $12 glass was delicious…that’s why I had three of them.  We decided to split an appetizer and an entree.  Since we were sitting at the bar instead of a table, going splitzies just seemed appropriate.  For the app we got the lentil salad with green beans, avocado, pecans, and pomegranate molasses.  If you’re wary about lentils, you won’t be after eating this dish.  For the first time, I wasn’t shoveling mocha colored mush into my mouth.  It was absolutely delicious.  We also split the pork tenderloin and belly with poached egg.  The belly was incredible and made more decadent by the egg.  The tenderloin had a bit too much peppercorn but was cooked perfectly.

Candles line the brick walls and a step down makes the large dining room feel intimate.  When I walked in I saw old records in a nook next to oversized leather chairs, all things you’d find in a rich man’s library.  One wall, however, looked more public library than personal.  Upon a closer look I realized the tiny drawers that covered one wall were actually mailboxes, each with their own key.  For $50/month, the chef will choose a wine each month and deliver it to your restaurant mailbox along with suggested parings.  While I don’t usually frequent restaurants at this price point, touches like this and the $50, 5-course Sunday menu could entice me to be a regular (if I made a bit more money and was a generally fancy person…which I don’t…and I’m not).