Mighty Balls

I forgot tis the season for Madison Square Eats!  I happened to walk by right at lunch time and it just so happened that the stall I most wanted to try accepted credit cards.  This cash-free gal was in luck!

I had never heard of Mighty Balls before so that was the main draw.  They had tons of flavor options and the line was long – all good signs.  While they have several recommended combos, I decided to go rogue.  I ordered the pork meatballs on a hoagie with African onion sauce and spicy feta on top.  The sauce was sour so the spicy feta was a good choice to round it out.  I was surprised at how juicy the meatballs were.  After seeing a mass of them getting pressed on the griddle I really thought they would dry out.  I guess those guys really know what they’re doing.

I took my messy sandwich into Madison Square Park where I could scarf on a bench in peace while people watching.  The sandwich was very filling and I washed it down with a big solo cup of Mighty Balls’ fresh pomegranate lemonade.  I think the meatball shop may have the market cornered on brick and mortar meatball restaurants, but Mighty Balls is a great addition to the roving street fair scene.