3 on Thursday

It was so nice having Monday off for Columbus Day.  I know most people weren’t so lucky so I was sure not to waste my good fortune.  It felt great to be so productive.  This week’s background: the lamps on the wall at Public.

  1. I spent this past weekend in Connecticut for Albert’s sister’s wedding.  The whole weekend was lovely, but the best part was the surprise of hand rolled cigars in the middle of the reception.  All the men were so happy.  It was a great touch…one I will probably steal one day.
  2. I have been obsessed with Valley Nails ever since I saw what they could do in the way of nail art.  Looking at their Instagram is like falling down the rabbit hole.  I have wanted to get mine done for a while and just as I was about to suck it up and pay for it myself (these ridiculous nails don’t come cheap – why would they?!) a rep offered to take me to celebrate my promotion.  Since I was going to a wedding I wanted to do something fun while still erring on the side of conservative.  I got a gel mani with light to hot pink ombre and a light glitter overlay.  The whole thing came to $70 (not including tip) so I don’t even want to know how expensive some of the crazier designs are.  For a fun occasion, though, I think it’s worth it.
  3. When I hear persimmon, I think the name for the color of a sweater found in a catalog.  I knew it was an actual thing but the details were hazy so when I saw a stack of them in Fairway with a description, I thought I might try it.  It eats like an pear but tastes like pumpkin/squash.  Not too bad!