Brussels Sprout Prosciutto Skewers

On Friday I hosted a dinner party that went off without a hitch.  Because the guests were arriving at 8:00 and I wasn’t going to get to my apartment until almost 7:30, I had to make sure I filled the menu with easy to activate dishes.  I also knew I would be doing all the work for the main course (sausage lasagna with smoked mozzarella and a side of roasted cauliflower) once everyone was already there so I needed to have a couple appetizers ready to go.  That way, people could snack and mingle (mingling is always easier when there are snacks to mingle over) while I finished off the cooking.  With food to pick at, I knew they wouldn’t miss me while I spent a few minutes finishing everything in the kitchen.

The first app was brussels sprout and prosciutto skewers.  The last time I made this app was over Thanksgiving last year.  I promised I would take a pic and I am now making good on that promise.  Much like anything else made with prosciutto, these guys went quickly.  They also taste fine at room temp so they’re a great item to put out at a party.