Jalapeño Sausage Pasta

I bought some jalapeño chicken sausage with the intention of making some sort of jambalaya inspired rice dish. Intentions are great, but when you get home late with no time to buy any of the other necessary ingredients, intentions mean absolutely nothing. I opened up my fridge to see if there was anything I could turn into a meal and saw about 3 ingredients staring back at me. Not a large selection, but it just so happened they were items I could work with.

While I boiled pasta, I heated up the [sliced] sausage in a pan and added some frozen peas for color and, you know, healthiness. When everything was almost done I added some heavy cream and grated cheese. I had some goats milk Gouda on hand and took a chance with it. Turns out it was great but plenty of cheeses would work, like parm or white cheddar. Toss in the cooked pasta with some salt and pepper and maybe a little pasta water to get to the right consistency.
This meal may have started as a way to avoid ordering takeout, but it worked its way into something I’d be happy to eat on a regular basis.