Inspiration Station: Friends with Benefits

One of my New Years Resolutions was to revive this monthly feature…so here we go!

The Dish: A take on street meat.  There is a string of scenes where Mila Kunis’ character is trying to convince JT’s character to move to NYC by showing him all the amazing things about the city, ranging from a great view to a flash mob.  It is during this time that Mila Kunis cements herself into every man’s fantasy as the ultimate cool girl.  She doesn’t mind rolling on the ground in her business casual attire and she has no qualms about eating a greasy, messy gyro from a Halal cart.  The character disappears and everyone watching the movie seemed to believe that Mila herself is an easy going gal who can curse like a sailor and doesn’t care about calories.  In real life, no one could maintain that figure on a regular diet of street meat and the scene is merely acting.  But I don’t want to completely shatter the image so here’s a recipe for a healthy street meat inspired meal at home so you can eat a dirty and delicious sandwich, just like those easy going girls.

I started with this recipe, but omitted the allspice because I didn’t have it.  I piled the chicken into some flatbread and topped it with chopped tomato, cucumber, and Greek yogurt with feta mixed in.  If you eat it in the flatbread, I recommend wrapping the whole thing in tin foil.  That will help you avoid the mess, plus you’ll really get the street meat feel.  Or ditch the flatbread altogether and get after it like a burrito bowl.

The Doodads:

  1. As Mila Kunis’ character gets dressed after her romp in the sheets with JT (so jelly), she pulls her tshirt down over a lacy bra.  I remembered thinking this type of undergarment, while sexy in a prudish way, would probably be impractical.  It doesn’t seem to offer much support but dang does it look cute.  This camilla lace bralette from Urban Outfitters is lined so you don’t feel like you’re walking around naked while still giving off that girlishly seductive vibe.
  2. Just before she’s unceremoniously dumped by Bryan Greenberg’s character, Mila runs out to get coffee for the two of them on the street corner.  I’ve always thought that some of the best coffee in NYC is from the street vendors and I love when they still use the iconic Greek-style cups.  You can get your own ceramic version at Uncommon Goods to last forever.
  3. Throughout the movie the Jamie character (Mila) wears a lightning bolt necklace and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) has a lightning bolt tattoo.  Follow the trend yourself by donning some lightning of your own; this time, as a double finger ring.
  4. In an effort to cheer Jamie up, Dylan performs all of Kris Kross’ “Jump.”  I couldn’t think of anything but the backwards overalls those boys wore in the 1992 music video.  Not sure that I could pull them off in 2014 but overalls are attempting a comeback.  Somehow they don’t look terrible when they’re styled like this.