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Good Beer

For Albert’s birthday I gave him monogrammed beer mugs and then took him to Good Beer so he could put them to good use.  As his present, he got to build two custom 6-packs and enjoy a beer flight.  He was like a kid in a candy store.  If a craft beer ships to NYC, you can bet Good Beer will have it so Albert ran around the store stocking up on new IPAs to try.

What I love about Good Beer is that it turns into a store/bar hybrid.  I had only ever been inside during the day when everyone is just picking up beer to drink on the weekend.  When we went at 9 PM on a Friday night (it stays open til 10), there were plenty of people there for no reason other than to drink.  And why not?  When they have about 12-16 (I did a bad job at counting) beers on tap all for $6/pint, it’s a great place to grab a drink.  The flights come in sets of four (you can pick any four from the ones on tap) for an equivalent of 2 beers at $8 total.  The bottles and cans are reasonably priced as well.  Nothing was more than $3, which makes it much cheaper than the Whole Foods beer room.

Since there are few tables, most people just threw their scarves and coats on the window sill and placed their flights precariously on shelves around the store.  It’s a great, low key place to grab a drink just before or after dinner as you get your East Village evening started.  If you have any beer loving guy friends, this is a great place to introduce them to.

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