Chicken with Dijon Tarragon Cream Sauce

Don’t you love it when things are so easy and also sooo good?  I certainly do because it’s nice not to always have to work hard to cook enjoyable food.  This recipe for dijon tarragon cream chicken took 20 minutes to pull together and tastes like you spent all day cooking it (I find cream sauces usually have that effect).  I recommend using the chicken breast that have been pounded thin – then it will really take no time.

Tarragon is a relatively mild herb, but it does something to the flavor of the sauce.  I know you’re probably reading this blog so I can describe in detail just what that “something” is…but I can’t.  Perhaps that mystery will entice you to make this dish.  If an air of mystery doesn’t do the trick, I’ll come right out and say it: cook this!