Book Review: Dare Me

Megan Abbott’s “Dare Me” allows you to perch on the bleachers to view the dark inner world of high school cheerleading.  This is “Heathers” kind of dark.  Addy has always been happy to play second fiddle to her best friend Beth.  Beth rules the school and has a knack for crafting the perfect insult, the kind that cuts into the soul of her prey, making them doubt themselves, and securing her spot as top dog.  When a new coach joins the school, Beth sees her as pathetic but all the other girls on the squad are mesmerized by her.  As Coach gathers her minions, Beth’s position as most popular and most feared becomes shaky and it looks like she will go to any length to regain her status.  At the height of the season a death tests Addy and Beth’s loyalty.  Yes, there is death in a book about cheerleading.

3 out of 5 stars