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Tortellini with Goat Cheese Sauce

I had been snacking on my latest cheese purchase, a goat cheese rolled in smoked paprika (I think) but decided I wanted to do something more with it than put it on crackers.  The paprika gave it such a unique smoky flavor (one I don’t associate with the tang of goat cheese) that I thought it would be put to good use as a sauce over pasta.

Because goat cheese has a pretty strong flavor, I wanted to make sure the sauce was very light so I just blended the cheese in a saucepan with milk.  Using milk instead of cream will keep the sauce thin enough to just keep the pasta from sticking together and evenly distribute the flavor.  Just heat it over medium with some salt til it starts to reduce a bit.  I used Trader Joe’s perline pasta with prosciutto, which look like little purses so the fashionista in me was happy.  I really wanted to wilt some arugula in there (spinach just seemed so been there done that) but because of arugula’s strong peppery flavor I also wanted some small, sweet peas for balance so I warmed those in the sauce as well.  The arugula was still very strong (I may recommend watercress if you think it’s too much) but I liked that there was a clear green flavor in this dish.

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