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Snickity Snack: Endive Dippers

After my curried yogurt with beet and sweet potato chip post, I decided there was a hole in my food blogging.  I post big dishes all the time but I rarely ever write about snacks.  We all indulge in ‘tween the meal munching but there’s usually little variation.  I, myself, am partial to white cheddar Pirate’s Booty or Trader Joe’s herb popcorn.  Eating the same thing all the time gets boring and that’s a problem because the moment you get bored you stop being satisfied.  That means you’ll go through the entire family size bag of Pirate’s Booty before your craving is curbed.  I’m not assuming that will happen.  It actually has happened…to me…last week.  That’s why I’m introducing a new monthly feature: Snickity Snack.  Every month I’ll show you a new snack to mix up your snacking routine.

The first installment of this feature is what I like to call endive dippers.  Endive lettuce leaves are perfect little boats that are firm enough at the core to hold just about anything you want to throw in there.  They are the Fritos or Tostitos Soops of the vegetable world.  I like dipping them in hummus (shown here is Trader Joe’s edamame hummus one of my two faves – the other is Whole Foods’ jalapeno hummus).  After scooping up some dip, I add a few pistachios for extra crunch.  This is the type of snack that will keep you fully satisfied between meals without an iota of guilt.

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