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Tequila Park

Apparently I am the only person who works in Midtown West that didn’t know about the rooftop at Hudson Hotel.  Not only does such a place exist, but it’s a gorgeous space.  The roof looks alive with all the ivy growing through it and the furniture is substantial enough to be indoors so it doesn’t feel like the afterthought flimsy patio furniture often is.

As the name would imply, Tequila Park specializes in tequila cocktails but they have a full bar so you can feel free to branch out beyond what is listed on the menu.  The only downside is that there is no waitress service even if you’d reserved a table.  You have to actually walk to the bar to order the [pricey] cocktails.  Not a huge inconvenience, but a little more difficult if you want to order food which can only be done at a separate bar.  The food, however, was good and worth sharing with your group.  We tried some tacos that were good, but what I would recommend is the guac and the nachos.  The guac itself is good but what makes it standout are the homemade tortilla chips.  The nachos then take those chips to the next level with a shrimp kimchi topping.  Sounds strange but it worked as some sort of Asian salsa.

If you happen to get rained out (as we almost did) the indoor area is just as nice though with a totally different library vibe with tall ceilings and a pool table.  The whole place manages to not feel like a typical hotel bar.

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