Red Hook Lobster Pound – Shrimp Roll

Some say Red Hook Lobster Pound is the best in the biz.  I’m sure they crank out a great lobster roll, but I wouldn’t know because I ordered a shrimp roll instead.  Lobster rolls are great, but they are dang expensive.  For only $10 (instead of $16) you can get a shrimp roll instead.  To me, it satisfies the same craving.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Lowcountry where shrimp is far more prevalent than lobster, but in my mind it covers off the category of summer seafood sandwich.

At Red Hook, they use a garlic tarragon mayo to dress their skrimps.  I don’t really care what herbs and spices they put in there.  What I like is that it’s not too heavy.  Too much mayo takes away from the whole point of a shrimp/lobster roll.  Though my sandwich fell apart a bit, I’m not complaining because that means the shrimp to bun ratio tips in my favor.  It might not feel as cool ordering the shrimp roll instead of the lobster roll, but once you’re eating it you’ll forget that lobster is a bit more trendy.  You’ll only remember when you look back at your wallet and realize, happily, that you can almost order two shrimp rolls for the price of one lobster roll.